Product Showcase

        SUNHOPE specializes in mid to high-end paper packaging equipment such as the fully-automatic block bottom paper-bag machine, automatic paper shopping-bag machine, and the fully-automatic paper-bag packaging line.

        Our main products include the following:
        SBH150/290/450 Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine
        FSB1600 Full Servo Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine
        SBH35F-HD Sheet Feeder Automatic handle Paper Bag Machine

        The SBH series block bottom paper-bag machine can process roll papers with either solid colors or printed designs. The machine ejects the finished bag after utilizing a one-time process to complete functions such as cutting, pressing, shaping, adhesive application, and raw material rolling. It is the ideal equipment for the fabrication of both food bags and shopping bags. Our bag-making machine implements high-speed central processing control and is complete with a touch-screen display. The servo motor regulates bag length for a wide range of manufacturing specifications. The default model can be augmented with addons such as the servo patch unit and the servo window unit to produce either partially transparent paper bags or paper tote bags.

        Primary structure and characteristics of the machine are as follows.
        1.Implementation of the Japanese Mitsubishi electrical control system allows us to simplify the controls for a much more user-friendly interface.
        2. We have combined American FIFE and German BEST automated rectification systems to improve efficiency while reducing both calibration times and paper wastage.
        3. Adhesives utilized for the bag profile are provided by the American VALCO cold-spray adhesive system. This system can automatically synchronize adhesive volume with the machine operating speed. The automated recovery and cleaning system effectively prevents adhesive wastage.

        Contact Us

        Add: Jifeng Industrial Park, Xinfeng Town, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
        Tel: +86-511-85325655 +86-511-83329998
        Fax: +86-511-85235266 +86-511-83329662

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