Production & Development

        Our workshop is equipped with an array of advanced machinery. Included is one set of the computer-aided design center and multiple sets of the Swiss MIKRON five-axis synchronized machining center, Taiwanese four-axis synchronized gantry machining center, and American HARDINGE four-axis synchronized processing center. Also at our disposal are ultra-precise CNC machine tools, powered by German SPINNER technology. Product quality is ensured with precise testing instruments such as the German BLUE online tester and SCHENCK balancing apparatus. Our core team consists of veteran operators with more than 20 years of relevant work experience.

        Our aspiring engineers have developed more than a dozen paper-bag machines for China Posts & Telecommunications over the span of a decade. Included are the DHL express mailing machine, postcard making machine, and the envelope making machine. These products currently occupy over 90% of domestic market shares and are a clear testament of our professional advantage. Numerous invention patent applications have been successfully filed.

        Contact Us

        Add: Jifeng Industrial Park, Xinfeng Town, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
        Tel: +86-511-85325655 +86-511-83329998
        Fax: +86-511-85235266 +86-511-83329662

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