In 2008, our company achieved a domestic precedent by developing the SBH290—an automated roll-fed block-bottom paper-bag machine.

        While overseas market development has been a priority for our company since conception, we have also succeeded in filling domestic market gaps. SUNHOPE products are exported worldwide to countries including Malaysia, South Africa, the Philippines,
        America,Germany,Vietnam,Indonesia,India,Russia,Saudi Arabia, etc.

        Future Aspirations
        We strive to forward the development of new products with the introduction of advanced processing equipment. Strict adherence with German machinery manufacturing standards has helped shape our own quality control system. This gradual transformation has allowed us to emerge as a world-class manufacturer of sophisticated machinery. Our ultimate goal is to provide printing and packaging professionals with premium products and services!

        Contact Us

        Add: Jifeng Industrial Park, Xinfeng Town, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
        Tel: +86-511-85325655 +86-511-83329998
        Fax: +86-511-85235266 +86-511-83329662

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